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As a Catholic who loves her faith and a frequent adventurer who’s always up for a new journey, Lisa is a wife and mom, a writer, a speaker and an impassioned traveler. Visit her at to keep up with her comings and goings.

9 easy and creative ways to save for a pilgrimage


Over at Patheos Catholic, my friend and fellow blogger Marge Fenelon has an excellent resource to help you plan and save for making a pilgrimage a reality:
9 easy and creative ways to save for a pilgrimage
Pilgrimages are easier …

Help Make “The Faithful Traveler: Exploring the California Missions” A Reality


I’m a major fan of the work of Diana and David von Glahn and The Faithful Traveler. As such, I’m anxious to see Diana’s next project come to fruition:

Tanzania Journal: From Rice Bowls to Soybean Fields

Tanzania Journal FI

By this time tomorrow, I will have begun the first leg of my adventure to Tanzania. My first flight, to Seattle, leaves early tomorrow morning. I’m overcompensating on my departure from home to try to beat Fresno’s famous fog. God

Tanzania Journal: Catholic Life in Tanzania with Pauline Sr. Caroline

Tanzania Journal FI

On my “to do” list today are things like “learn how to say ‘please’ in Kiswahili” and “buy heavy duty bug spray”. Yes, our Tanzania mission with Catholic Relief Services… is only days away! To help with my preparations, I

Faith on the Move: Amy Welborn


I am a HUGE Amy Welborn fangirl. Long before I ever had books of my own, I devoured Amy’s writing both in the Catholic blogosphere and in print. Not only does her writing sing, but Amy’s zest for life and…

Tanzania Journal #1: #CRSMedia Mission to Tanzania

Tanzania Journal FI

Friends who follow me on Facebook saw a status update a few days ago that intrigued them. I posted a very unflattering photo of myself decidedly not smiling…. That’s unusual for me:
In reality, it was truly hard to

Catholic Canada: Madonna House, Combermere, Ontario


Editor’s note: Today, we welcome another guest post from my good friend and fellow “saint fan” Colleen Swaim. Thanks to Colleen, Madonna House is now on my travel wish list! Lisa…

Montreal! – Epic Road Trip Days 5 -7

Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal

When we pulled out of the hotel at Flint, Michigan…, the 582 mile drive to our next destination didn’t feel as thought it would be too daunting. The route would take us almost immediately into Canada and into an

Faith on the Move: Diana von Glahn


Although we’ve never met in person, I’m a huge fan of the work of “The Faithful Traveler”, Diana von Glahn. Diana has translated her passion for faith and travel into a means of serving in the New Evangelization. A true…

Faith On the Move: Bishop Christopher Coyne

Bishop Coyne FI

For several years, I’ve enjoyed watching the travels and service of Bishop Christopher Coyne, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. I first met Bishop Coyne at the Catholic New Media Conference in Kansas City in 2011. …