Holy Land Video Tour, Part II – Bethlehem

Lisa in the Church of the Nativity

Lisa in the Church of the Nativity

In early 2012, I was blessed to travel to Israel with the Catholic Press Association as a guest of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. One member of our group of traveling journalists was Dennis Sadowski, a talented reporter for Catholic News Service. Dennis filmed our entire trip, endeavoring to create a documentary for Catholic News Service. His finished product was amazing — as much for the detail he put into narrating his footage as for the lovely shots he captured on film.

Today, I’m pleased to share Part II of Dennis’ three-part series on the Holy Land. A visit to Bethlehem requires advance planning and coordination. Prior to traveling to the Holy Land, be sure to inquire with your guide about logistics for visiting Bethlehem, the West Bank and the Church of the Nativity.

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