Roadtripping to New Mexico

Editor’s note: Today, Lisa Martinez continues her ongoing series about an amazing adventure through Colorado and New Mexico with a visit to Las Cruces. Lisa


Colorado Road Trip Quick Stats:

Trip Day: 9
Route: Telluride, Colorado to Las Cruces, New Mexico
Departure time: 10:30 am
Arrival time: 8:15 pm
Mileage: 550 miles

The first objectives of the morning were to pack and clean up the Tower House before the next stop on our road trip adventure, New Mexico. It was raining, which made me thankful that we were not camping, as nothing is quite so miserable as packing up camp in the rain and mud.

Ready to hit the road, except feeling hungry, we headed to downtown Telluride one last time for breakfast at Maggie’s part two. Mike wanted to take on the Huevos Rancheros himself, so I had a Cheese & Bacon Omelette with a side of fluffy grilled Biscuit. Delightful, once again. Tim and Grayson had made one last stop to shop in town for family gifts, then came and joined us for breakfast.



After we finished eating, we stopped just outside of town to capture a few more photos. This is proof that even pictures from the Shell Gas Station in Telluride look unbelievable.



The drive out of town was stunning. The green foliage against the grandeur of mountains, curled in low-hanging clouds, made it hard to bid farewell to that charming mountain town.



Nearly three hours after we departed, we crossed into New Mexico along the scenic Route 550 South. I was glad to have the opportunity to return to NM, “The Land of Enchantment”, after such a short jaunt through on our way to Colorado.

Stop #1: Lunch

Mike and went in for a quick lunch at DQ.

Stop #2: Shopping

We drove through Albuquerque around 5:00 pm, after meeting up briefly with Tim and Grayson at the REI there. I’ve now seen convincing evidence that REI is to men like the Mall is to women.

Stop #3: The Hotel

Shortly after 8 pm, we pulled into the La Quinta in Las Cruces, also called “The City of the Crosses.” Second only to Albuquerque, it has a population of over 100,000.

Stop #4: Dinner

We had to quickly make our way to La Posta, Mike and Tim’s favorite Mexican Restaurant there,  since their kitchen closed at 9 pm. Walking into the restaurant, we received a unique welcoming — Parrots in cages squawk greetings to you along with the hostess. Well, the hostess didn’t squawk — at least not that I recall.

I was so glad we made it in time for me to thoroughly enjoy a Top-shelf Margarita and some melt-in-my-mouth Enchiladas. I understand why La Posta has been “famed for Mexican food and Steaks since 1939”



With The Expendables 3 finally in the theater, my travel companion movie buffs really wanted to watch the action flick. I told them to go ahead, desiring to simply unwind in the hotel, but Mike opted to stay with me. Having an early riser in our double double room (not to name names, but rhymes with him), we knew that we’d be up earlier than usual to proceed to our next exciting destination on our colossal road trip.

This post is part of my Colorado Road Trip series. Next up will be our time in El Paso, including their Film Festival, so y’all come back now!

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