Tourist Scams to Avoid This Summer


The following infographic from (a travel site to help you search for discount airfares…)  is making the rounds — it offers a vast array of helpful tips to help ensure that you don’t fall prey to “bad

Road Trip Commences — Three Early Lessons

road trip 2014 fi.jpg

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram…, you already know that I’ve embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. My 19 year old son Adam and I left home bright and early last Monday (7/7) on a fantastic

United Airlines — Itinerary Apps

Itinerary Apps_fi

When I’m traveling, my smartphone is an indispensable tool that makes my travel both more faith-filled and more convenient. Today, I’m launching a new series called “Itinerary Apps” that will be a weekly look at the apps that help me

“Meditations on Vatican Art” Offers Lavish Retreat for Armchair Pilgrims

meditations on vatican art.png

Perhaps you’ve always desired to enjoy your dream pilgrimage to Rome. You imagine yourself strolling through the Vatican Museums, pausing before each painting to reflect and pray.
Now thanks to the amazing new book Meditations on Vatican Art (Liguori Publications) 

Back to the Blog

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Welcome back to Catholic Tourist. After a blog break, we’re ready to hit the road again this summer with new features, fun destinations, and faith-filled ideas for your travel pleasure.

Basilica of the National Shrine Summer Organ Recital Series


If you find yourself in or around Washington D.C. this summer, one “must see” sacred destination is the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception…

Google Street View Trekker: Where Would You Trek?

Trekker FI

Google recently updated users of Google Earth (one billion monthly!) and — as reported by CNET… — invited “Trekkers” to take it’s Google Street View off-road to places as yet unmapped

Cities, Art, and the Self: On the Virtues of Visiting Museums When Traveling

Travel and Art

Traveler’s note: Today, we welcome a guest post on the value of enjoying art while traveling penned by my wonderful friend and fellow sojourner William Newton.…

Casa de Fruta – Along the Way

Casa de Fruta

I thought it would be fun to share a new feature on to highlight simple little discoveries I make along the path to larger destinations. This “Along the Way” feature will be a quick look at simple, interesting places…