Faith on the Move: Fr. Randy Dollins

I’ve found many wonderful priests who seem to share my love of adventure. Today, we shine the “Faith on the Move” spotlight on Fr. Randy Dollins, a Roman Catholic priest with a wonderful travel background and a great sense of adventure.

Fr. Randy Dollins - Tarzan Swing, Zip Line Adventure in Los Cabos.

Fr. Randy Dollins – Tarzan Swing, Zip Line Adventure in Los Cabos.

While I haven’t met Fr. Dollins in person, he was recommended by my friend and fellow traveler Thomas Smith. I know you’ll love his responses below! Please note that this interview was conducted several months ago. Fr. Dollins has recently been assigned to serve as Moderator of the Curia and Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Denver. Although I know he’s busy in his new role, I’m sure his love of travel continues to be a source of inspiration. 


Fr. Randy Dollins


Moderator of the Curia and Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Denver


Silverthorne, CO


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Tell us a bit about yourself:

I grew up in Aurora, Colorado and attended Queen of Peace Catholic Church. After high school I worked as a graphic designer at a sportswear company for four years. I stayed involved as a youth ministry assistant at my parish and eventually decided to do a year of mission work with the National Evangelization Teams in 1998-99. When I returned to Colorado I entered the seminary. I was ordained in 2007 and I was assigned to serve the people of Northwest Colorado in the towns of Craig, Meeker, and Rangely. I was transferred to Silverthorne in the spring of 2010 where I am currently the Pastor.

How often do you travel?

I take a relaxation trip every January, usually to a beach, and I make a variety of other trips during the year. Every few years I try and do a religious pilgrimage.

Is the majority of your travel for business, pleasure, spiritual enrichment, or “all of the above”?

My travel is split between business and pleasure.

Where are some of your favorite destinations?

Krakow, Poland. Riviera Maya, Yucatan, Mexico. Rome, Italy. Caribbean.

How is travel a spiritual experience for you? How do you turn any travel opportunity into a pilgrimage?

Wherever I go I always make a visit to at least one local Catholic Church. This is usually to attend or celebrate a Mass, but sometimes just to stop in and pray in the presence of the Lord. Every once in a while I find it necessary to bring a small Mass kit and celebrate in my hotel or cabin.

Have you ever had a “travel nightmare”? How did your faith help you through the experience?

At World Youth Day in 2005 my group missed the last train to our host home village. We were put up in “Emergency Housing,” effectively a sectioned off piece of concrete floor at the Cologne Convention Center. Probably the worst sleeping arrangement I have ever had, but all was forgotten the next day when we greeted Pope Benedict on the banks of the Rhine. The magnitude of the event washed away the ill feelings.

What advice would you give to a fellow Catholic tourist?

Always research beforehand where you are going to attend Sunday Mass. When you go to church, don’t just leave right away; try to engage the local parishioners.

What destination is on your “must see” list for the future?

I would love to visit Ireland. Maybe I will plan a pilgrimage there in a few years.

What are some of your favorite tourism related websites, apps and books?

I don’t stay anywhere without checking TripAdvisor. Kayak is great for finding and comparing flights. Airbnb is a great way to find nontraditional lodging.

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