Montreal! – Epic Road Trip Days 5 -7

Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal

When we pulled out of the hotel at Flint, Michigan…, the 582 mile drive to our next destination didn’t feel as thought it would be too daunting. The route would take us almost immediately into Canada and into an

Boulder, CO -> Des Moines, IA -> Flint, MI – Epic Road Trip Days 3 & 4


After spending an awesome night in Boulder…, Adam and I kicked the driving part of the first week of our road trip into high gear. We had decided that we would take a detour North

Quality Inn & Suites Boulder Creek: Boulder, Colorado

fi_Quality Inn & Suites Boulder Creek, Boulder, CO

As I shared recently, we selected the Quality Inn & Suites Boulder Creek for our quick visit to Boulder, Colorado. My only regret about this hotel is that we did not have more time to spend in it and in…

Beaver, UT -> Boulder, CO – Epic Road Trip Day 2

No name rest areafi

When we woke up on the morning of July 8th at the Comfort Inn in Beaver…, it became clear to me that a pattern for our Road Trip mornings would be set.

Fresno, CA –> Beaver, OR — Epic Road Trip Day 1


As I shared in my introductory post…, I didn’t sleep well the night before we left on our big adventure. When the time came to hit the road, Greg saw us off with a commuter mug full of strong

Epic Road Trip 2014 – An Introduction

2014 road trip logo

Yes, we’ve been home for nine days now, and in typical Lisa fashion, a few of my bags and parcels from my “Epic Road Trip”… with my nineteen-year-old son Adam are still unpacked. And so, as it turns out, are

Comfort Inn & Suites: Beaver, Utah — Rooms with a View

Comfort Inn Beaver Utah.jpg

The very first stop on our recent massive road trip… set a high bar for hotel rooms along the way. I want to state up front that my standards for a road trip hotel are vastly different than they would

Road Trip Commences — Three Early Lessons

road trip 2014 fi.jpg

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram…, you already know that I’ve embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. My 19 year old son Adam and I left home bright and early last Monday (7/7) on a fantastic